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United States, New York, Manhattan, leonamarcelle@protonmail.com https://www.leonamarcelle.com/
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Leona Marcelle
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About Me

What I love most about people is how complicated and complex they can be, made up of vast and sometimes conflicting perspectives, truths, and desires. Secret and unseen inner worlds that few ever get to truly know, unless we let them.

​I was raised with California sensibilities and have always desired an unconventional life. I find kindness and compassion to be the most attractive qualities a person can possess, and I like to think I possess both. But my ambitious spirit and lust for life is of the New York variety. I'm sharp and industrious, playful but sweet, and I'm most turned on by a good sense of humor. While in the presence of strangers I am reserved and unobtrusive, in private I am anything but shy.


Will we have a brief but intoxicating interlude? Or will our time together be measured not by hours or days, but by the lasting thrill of genuine connection? Maybe we will build the kind of long-term bond that gets even better with time, where trust, intimacy, and curiosity for one another create the foundation for endless exploration of our deepest desires. Will we create our own secret inner world, where we can be our truest, freest selves, where all that makes you you will be not only welcome but celebrated? As for me, I'm interested in pursuing answers to those questions with a very select few suitors, who are smart and successful but don't take themselves too seriously, who value intellect as much as beauty, and who want to know my inner world as authentically as I long to know theirs.

Maybe you find yourself here wondering, as I am, what our time together would be like. Which of these stories might be ours, and how would we explore the possibilities together? I hope you'll give us the chance to find out.


When booking our first date, please allow enough time to complete the screening process. Priority will always be given to appointments booked at least 48 hours in advance. Like any first date this will be our first chance to get acquainted. I recommend booking a three hour appointment, which gives us a little time to get to know each other over a cocktail or a light lunch. Tension may build in our bodies, but seduction begins in the mind.

I can host you at my upscale hotel accommodations, or you can host me at yours.

2 Hours Incall 1800  2 Hours Outcall 1600

The beginning of something very, very good. Unwind and let's enjoy a brief but exciting encounter. For appointments outside Manhattan, please include rate plus cost of travel. Please book at least 24 hours in advance.

Jan 12, 2022
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United States
New York
leonamarcelle@protonmail.com https://www.leonamarcelle.com/
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