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United States, California, Los Angeles
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Bridget Belle
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About Me
Hi there, I’m Bridget, your touring luxury companion. I’m in my early 20's, currently doing my master degree. I love traveling and I have big passion on fashion, particularly dressing up in my large collection of high-end lingerie, I’m a big fan of Agent Provocateur and Honey Birdette. Playful and sophistication exist on me the same time. I know how to have fun, at the same time know how to carry myself. Travelling the world has given me a unique perspective. I’m keeping discovering more about myself and enjoying finer things in different corner of the world. Being open to new experiences is one of the best things a person can be, and I can’t wait to discover the unknown excitement we’ll bring to each other. The biggest compliment I receive is how effortlessly I can create intimacy between the two. People say I’m like the friend they’ve known well but the allure they’ve never met. Let me capture you with my big innocent eyes and full rosebud lips, I will impress you with my Marilyn Monroe like hourglass body and playful nature, leaving you wanting more… There are many things words can’t tell by themselves. Make me your treat, I promise you a rendezvous like never before. Xxx Bridget
+852 5604 3617

*The PHONE NUMBER above is for WHATSAPP ONLY, the number listed CANNOT RECEIVE SMS *I'm a low volume provider, so PRE- BOOKING is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. *I accept same day booking when touring, with minimum 4 hrs notification ahead. However, last min booking is not guaranteed. *For reservation, you can email me, send me a message on WhatsApp, or book directly on my website. *Please email me to enquiry detail of VIP package



1 hr - GFE US $1,000

A little bit Brigitte for your day

1 hr - VIP US $1,300

Please email me to enquiry detail of VIP package

1.5 hrs - GFE US $1,400

Your dream rendezvous

1.5 hrs - VIP US $1,700

Signature session

2 hrs - GFE US $1,700

Please email me to enquiry detail of VIP package

2 hrs - VIP US $2,000

Please email me to enquiry detail of VIP package

3 hrs - GFE US $2,300

Escape with me

3 hrs - VIP US $2,600

Please email me to enquiry detail of VIP package

4 hrs - GFE US $2,800

Dinner and play make the perfect day

4 hrs- VIP US $3,100

Please email me to enquiry detail of VIP package

6 hrs- GFE US $3,500

I'll leave you want more

6 hrs- VIP US $3,800

What's left behind the close door

14 hrs- GFE US $6,000

Romantic night 

14 hrs- VIP US $7,000

A surreal night

24 hrs- GFE US $8,500

An entire day escape

Feb 07, 2022
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United States
Los Angeles
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