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Samantha Rivers
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5.6 ft
  • Bulgarian
  • Chinese
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish
About Me

When you first meet me, you will notice an all natural girl-next-door type with a sweet smile and Spanish accent, but behind that charm is a lot of latin flavor waiting to come out. Once we warm up, I love exploring your unique kinks and BDSM — i’ll take on the role of a dom or a sub. I’m also bisexual and don’t mind if we have another female accompanying our escapades. 

Despite my sexual curiosity, I have two master’s degrees in Psychology and Engineering. I love learning new things, tuning into my spirituality and meeting new people from all walks of life. You can always find me radiating positive energy and making sarcastic jokes to lighten the mood.

Ultimately, I just want to provide you with the full girlfriend experience and connect on a deeper level. My perfect day starts off with passionate morning sex followed by breakfast in bed before we head out. I love anything that involves water from boating to water sports, or simply being by the beach and catching a sunset. Take me somewhere I’ve never been, or a place with art so we can surround ourselves with beauty. For dinner, I love anything from fine dining to street tacos. I also love cooking so I don’t mind giving you a taste of some of my favorite dishes while you pop open a bottle of champagne for us.

The more time we spend together, you will witness an empathetic, down-to-earth woman who has many different facets to her and is seeking a soul connection and a sense of intimacy that transcends beyond the physical. Don’t you worry though, the physical will intensify when I massage your soul before I make my way down to pleasure the rest of you. 

Set up a date and let's see where our inhibitions take us. 

700 - 1 Hour
1100 - 1.5 Hours
1300 - 2 Hours
2000 - 3 Hours
2600 - 4 Hours
4000 - Overnight (10 Hours)
6000 - FMTY (24 Hours)
400 - Couples Extra Per Hour 
Jan 07, 2022
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